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I'm trying a fresh install for Potato with v0055 but I cant get it to work.

The BE script.txt for InfiSTAR is only 30 lines, most of which are different line headings to the 51 lines in the 1.0.0 update. Have I downloaded the wrong file? 


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Nope, I removed a lot of lines because of people that don't like reading and wouldn't be able to get the server started if they have scripts.txt problems.

Personally for maximum security, I would add many different things like
7 "draw"
7 "public"
7 "create"
to my scripts.txt - then create the list of exceptions using one of the linked BE Filter programs

but most people can't handle to follow the scripts.txt tutorials or use any of the programs, probably because they don't read the readme ^^..  (I've linked it all in my readme)


You didn't read the readme right?

Sorry to hear that you're not able to get the it installed but since you've not even read the readme file yourself, we can't help you here.
I mean how is anybody going to help if the only thing you're telling us here that you didn't read the instructions and you couldn't get it running?


The readme file even says


posting on the forums (follow this or you will just slow everyone down)
because of a problem? let us know the following:
    - startup parameters for the server (-ServerMod and so on..)
    - server rpt file (complete file, not just a part of it)
    - client rpt file from you when you could not connect/had that error
    - infiSTAR Log files
    - might be needed: mpmission file
    - might be needed: gameserver provider (if it is not your own dedi box - if it is your box, tell us)
make sure to use the latest infiSTAR version!


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Nah, got bored reading the readme after installing the package several times over several different updates and lets face it with flying jets video being recommended by the readme and it not actually doing what it says  like this: "- find "class CfgRemoteExec {};" (might also have something within the {} curly brackets) - remove it!" I thought it was mostly optional. :)

If I was asking for any more than a yes no answer I'd have given the information you asked for ;) but thanks for the reply it made me smile!




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