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1.0.0 / 1.62 DS setup on W8.1 machine

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Ive been at this long enough I feel I should give in and ask for some help.


I'm using my win 8.1 machine that I play arma3/exile on, I just want to create a dedicated server and modify it for use w my friends and to learn the mechanics a little. I used "S." 's exile server config pdf and although it is already outdated I was able to get pretty far with it. However, it is written to be used with a package download for users who do not have steam etc etc, I already have the game installed and did not want to be redundant with downloads, so I installed A3Server from steam, and copied the @exile client dir I already had on my system to the new server directory. Then I setup mysql using that busybee account name, I used eliteness in place of pbomanager to edit the .cpp file, and edited another .cfg file...


Where I'm stuck is at the last step of the pdf, running .bat scripts to start/restart/ the server. But it appears the exile server download from this website doesnt include any bat files, and the only ones I can find are for outdated versions of the mod. Then I went HERE:

 and found a .cmd file someone said should be used, so I created that and tried to edit it to fit my needs, however I cant find anything with /a3master/ anywhere on my pc. None of what I have downloaded for this server has that file name or folder name anywhere.


Is there a resource on the internet to download required script files to run an exile server? How can I check compatibility between the current and obsolete versions of the mod?

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