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Infistar whitelist steambanned player

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We have a player that has been VAC banned in the past because his account got hacked. We know this to be true, and we know he isn't a security threat. 

I'd like to know if there is any way to whitelist him so that he can still play on the server, while still leaving      ban_for_steam_ban = true;

We'd like to keep the functionality, but we'd also like the guy to be able to play on the server. Is there any way to do this? 

Great tool. Thanks! 

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Best off contacting infistar or tagging him like so @infiSTAR

*EDIT* Nevermind, you already tagged him :P


My only solution would be to create a custom code within infistar on a sort of "If", "Then" and Or" code. (If VAC Banned then ban_for_steam_ban, or add exception using user ids). 


Personally I dont have it enabled due to many circumstances involving how players can be VAC banned (IE Stolen CDKeys/Accounts), there is no need in my opinion. The Anti-Hack and BE does a good enough job in keeping cheaters out anyway. :)

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