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Back to Lobby Slots screen.. please.


This feels so petty but - I need some help.. This loading screen is just not cutting it. We need the lobby with slots back asap. Is there anyway to do this? 


We have tried -------

// Automatically take a free slot in lobby
joinUnassigned = 1;


 skipLobby = 1; in description.ext 


Can anyone give a suggestion on how, or even if its possible,  to get the lobby with server slots back. 

Admins have to log all the way out of the server which makes it a real pain when the server is full. I've spent most of my time spamming just to get back in not wanting to kick players. There is no more kicking "idle" players as there is no more lobby to idle in. I really need a way back to the old way of the lobby, or is that not even possible anymore? 


Any help is sincerely appreciated. Thanks. 

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its not impossible... its just not really .... easy..... except it would require EVERY player on your server to load a seperate mod before joining your server as its not only config based (the visual side that is) but its also loaded up with exile before you even get to the server as part of the prestart function and any changes to your mission file... well if your loading the mission file your already in the server... past the slots. Your best best would be disabling the auto join and then creating a modifying the GUI RscDisplayMultiplayerSetup to show slots or something along those lines.  all the best :)

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