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i need help with infiSTAR installation on a g-portal server

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i know it is not the first request for help here, but i try to get infiSTAR working on my server for 2 days and have no idea what is wrong...

- i have a standard arma3 server from g-portal

- nothing changed, nothing added

- Exile 1.0.0 Potato

- choose exile.tanoa as mission file 

- i follow step by step the instructions in the readme.txt of infiSTAR for Exile v0055

- set serverCommandPassword, set AdminPassword, fill in my SteamID /UID, check this and check this again

- copy the a3_infiSTAR_Exile.pbo in the  @ExileServer\addons folder

- move the dll´s

- add the call.fsm, CfgRemoteExec.hpp and infiStar_AdminMenu.hpp to the exile.tanoa.pbo file

- edit the description.ext (remove the class CfgRemoteExec {} and add both #include for the .hpp files)

- i copy the battleye Filter in the battleye folder on my server

- i start the server and join the game

- no messages when i spawn

- i press F1 but nothing happend, no infiSTAR menu


- i repeat this more than 3 times

- i try older installation procedures (GrischaCraft Wiki or Youtube Tutorials) but nothing helped


Did anyone have the same problem? Is there a log file or something that includes some hints what is going wrong or is missed?

I´m grateful for any help. Thanks!



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Thanks for the hint GolovaRaoul. In the rpt file (in the config folder at my server) i found a problem with the servercommandpassword.

I have checked all the files again (exile_ahat_config.hpp; exile_server_config.pbo>config.cpp; config.cfg; server.cfg (in the config folder)).

In the last line inside the server.cfg i found a persistent entry with the admin-password instead of the servercommandpassword.

I change it to the servercommandpassword but with the server restart it has been reseted to the admin-password.

So i change my tactic and make admin-password and servercommandpassword the same password - and that works for me!!!

Thank you again!



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