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I set up Exile Tanoa just fine, but im having issues installing custom scripts like DMS and Roaming AI. The server runs Exile on Tanoa properly, all traders in their rightful places and loot spawning correctly. A few jets fly over randomly but the entire server is devoid of AI and missions, which bug me greatly on our tiny 40 slot server and with my active community of 20 only 7 play arma exile, so we attempted DMS scripts with DMS Occupation, ExAd and DMS Bandit Missions Pack-V2.0
The Scripts are correctly installed into the right place (at least as far as i know and what ive read on the installation guide) but simply not loading with the server. I made an earlier post about this which i didn't provide enough information with as to what i was trying to install. This is my first attempt working with a hosted server and i can say confidently that i have a whole 3xp points in working with hosted servers and therefore have no idea what most of the suggested fixes mean. I have heavily modded arma 3 files before which gives me some background on the filenames, where they go and such, but no experience with setting up multiplayer games with specific configs and scripting. ANY help is appreciated. 

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