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Steam authentication failed


Alright everyone. I may have fixed my problems with getting stuck on the loading screen but now I have another problem. Anytime I or anyone else tries to join my dedicated server we get kicked. The message is shown below. I have tried to join other exile mod servers and have no trouble at all so its something to do with my server. Though I can't figure out what. Any help would be awesome. 

"You were kicked off the game. Steam authentication failed"

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On 8/5/2016 at 6:37 AM, Takeo64z said:

I'm having the same thing happen to me. did you get a fix for it?

Yes I corrected the issues but it involved issues with my server not communicating with the database. If you are having that problem I would go through your servers database settings and make sure everything is setup right so that it can communicate properly. For me it was 100% server side. Once I corrected some things which may have been the username on the server then it connected with no problems at all. 

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