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I am so lost, I think I don;t have a complete scripts.txt

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Ok, every script or mod I have downloaded wants me to add some BE filters in. They say things like add to isPlayer and what not. However, I do not have this line in my scripts. my scripts is only to line 32, and I haven't done anything to my file since original install. Did I miss a step somewhere?


7 createUnit !="creategroup sidelogic;\nbis_functions_mainscope = _grpLogic createunit [\"Logic\",[9,9,9],[],0,\"none\"];\nbis_functions_mainscope set"
7 createTeam
7 createAgent !=")\"];\n_center = if (_function == \"bis_fnc_arsenal\") then {\ncreateagent [typeof _centerOrig,position _centerOrig,[],0,\"none\"]\n} el" !="il];\n};\n\n\nif (isServer) then\n{\n\n\nbis_revive_ratioLethal = createAgent [\"Logic\", [10,10,0], [], 0, \"CAN_COLLIDE\"];\nbis_revive_rat"
7 callExtension
7 showCommandingMenu !="nu','#User:BIS_Menu_GroupCommunication'])then\n            {\n                showCommandingMenu '';\n            }\n            else\n            {\n                if(((toLower _cmdm) find _fi" !="yer]);\n_center hideobject false;\ncuttext [\"\",\"plain\"];\nshowcommandingmenu \"\";\n\n\n\nBIS_fnc_arsenal_cameraview = cameraview;\nplayer" !="m = toLower _cmdm;\n            if(_cmdm in _find1)then\n            {\n                showCommandingMenu '';\n            }\n            else\n            {\n                if!(_cmdm in _find2)then\n            "
7 setUnitRecoilCoefficient !="coilRun')then\n        {\n            _code = {\n                (vehicle player) setUnitRecoilCoefficient 0;\n                player setUnitRecoilCoefficient 0;\n                playe"
7 setWeaponReloadingTime !="e = {\n                _vehicle = (vehicle player);\n                {_vehicle setWeaponReloadingTime [_x, currentMuzzle _x, 0];} forEach (crew _vehicle);" !="\n{\n_code = \n{    \n_vehicle = (vehicle player);\n_vehicle setWeaponReloadingTime [gunner _vehicle,currentMuzzle (gunner _vehicle),0];" !="zzle isEqualType '')then\n                {\n                    (vehicle player) setWeaponReloadingTime [player, _muzzle, 0];\n                };\n            };\n            A3FFrun = [0.1"
7 drawline3d !="ull];\nif (is3DEN) then {\nfor \"_x\" from -5 to 5 step 1 do {\ndrawLine3D [\n_sphere modeltoworld [_x,-5,0],\n_sphere modeltoworld [_x"
7 onEachFrame !="onEachFrame {};"
7 onMapSingleClick !="onMapSingleClick '';"
7 loadFile
7 createMarker !="cal _x;\n}\nforEach ExileClientPartyMapMarkers;\n{\n_marker = createMarkerLocal [format [\"ExilePartyMarker%1\", _forEachIndex], getPo" !="ileClientLastDeathMarker;\n};\nExileClientLastDeathMarker = createMarkerLocal [format [\"Death%1\", time], getPos player];\nExileClie" !="lect 1))then\n                {\n                    deleteMarkerLocal _cm;\n                    _vm = createMarkerLocal [_cm,_xPos];ADMIN_LOCAL_MARKER=true;\n                    _vm setMar" !="yMapMarkers;\nExileClientPartyMapMarkers = [];\n{\n_marker = createMarkerLocal [format [\"ExilePartyMarker%1\", _forEachIndex], getPo" !="[];\nif (ExileClientPartyID isEqualTo -1) then\n{\n_marker = createMarkerLocal [\"ExilePartyMarker0\", getPosVisual player];\n_marker "
7 createVehicleCrew
7 deleteVehicleCrew !="S_fnc_initPlayable\",\"BIS_fnc_missionTimeLeft\",\"BIS_fnc_deleteVehicleCrew\",\"BIS_fnc_MP\",\"BIS_fnc_MPexec\",\"BIS_fnc_countdown\",\"BIS" !="[\"exile_client\\trashBin\\fn_deleteVehicleCrew.sqf\",\".sqf\",0,false,false,false,\"A3\",\"MP\",\"deleteVehicleCrew\"]" !="S_fnc_initPlayable\",\"BIS_fnc_missionTimeLeft\",\"BIS_fnc_deleteVehicleCrew\",\"BIS_fnc_MP\",\"BIS_fnc_MPexec\",\"BIS_fnc_netId\",\"BIS_fnc"
7 allMissionObjects !="ystem_territory_createLocationForTerritory;\n}\nforEach (allMissionObjects \"Exile_Construction_Flag_Static\");" !="ndex, netId _x];\n_hasTerritories = true;\n};\n}\nforEach (allMissionObjects \"Exile_Construction_Flag_Static\");\n_grantTerritoryBuild" !="opDown lbSetData [_index, netId _flag]; \n};\n}\nforEach (allMissionObjects \"Exile_Construction_Flag_Static\");\n_kickButton = _displ" !="OfTerritories = _numberOfTerritories + 1;\n};\n}\nforEach allMissionObjects \"Exile_Construction_Flag_Static\";\n_numberOfTerritories" !="opDown lbSetData [_index, netId _flag]; \n};\n}\nforEach (allMissionObjects \"Exile_Construction_Flag_Static\");\n_currencyDropDown = " !="+ 25;\n                    Exile_Construction_Abstract_Static_ARRAY = (allMissionObjects 'Exile_Construction_Abstract_Static');\n                };\n                \n                " !=";\n                        } forEach (allVariables _obj);\n                    } forEach (allMissionObjects 'Building');\n                    systemChat format['<> fini" !="r distance2D _flag];\n};\n};\n} forEach _uids;\n} forEach (allMissionObjects \"Exile_Construction_Flag_Static\");\n};\nfnc_initRemoteCCT" !="                            \n                                Exile_Construction_Flag_Static_ARRAY = allMissionObjects 'Exile_Construction_Flag_Static';\n                                Exile_Constru" !=" \n   _x enableSimulation false; \n  }; \n }; \n} forEach (allMissionObjects 'static'); \n \nsetViewDistance 950; \nsetObjectViewDistan"
7 setAmmo !=";\n                            };\n                        };\n                    }\n                    else\n                    {\n                        _vehicle setAmmo [_muzzle,999];\n                    };\n                }\n                else\n                {\n                    _assignedVe" !="} forEach [\"+ _code +\",\"infiesp\",\"waituntil {inputaction \",\"setammo\",\"setvehicleammo\"];\n                    };\n                };\n                _fnc_finddeeperObj =\n" !="    }; \n      }; \n     } \n     else \n     { \n      _vehicle setAmmo [_muzzle,999]; \n     }; \n    } \n    else \n    { \n     _assig"
7 setDammage
7 setDamage !="orEachIndex;\n};\n}\nforeach ExileClientPlayerEffects;\nplayer setDamage (1 - (ExileClientPlayerAttributes select 0) / 100);\n_hunger" !="riable [\"RscDisplayMPInterrupt_respawnTime\", time];\nplayer setdamage 1;\n};\n_display closedisplay 2;\n};\n};\n\ncase \"onUnload\": {\npr" !="isplay closeDisplay 2; \n};\nplayer allowDamage true;\nplayer setDamage 1;\n};\ntrue" !=" ExileClient_object_player_event_onHandleDamage}];    \nplayer setDamage 1;    \n}\nelse \n{\n\"Respawning...\" call ExileClient_util_log;\n_l" !="xile_Item_DuctTape\" in _equippedMagazines) then\n{\n_vehicle setDamage 0;\nplayer removeItem \"Exile_Item_DuctTape\";\n}\nelse \n{\n[\"Rep" !="ns.sqf\"\nif (isServer) then {\n_col = _this select 0;\n{\n{\n_x setDamage 1;\n} forEach (_col nearObjects _x);\n} forEach (getArray (co" !="perature min 37;\nif (_bodyTemperature < 35) then \n{\nplayer setDamage ((damage player) + 0.1/60*_timeElapsed); \n};\nExileClientPla" !="eadgear_GasMask\" in (assignedItems player)) then \n{\nplayer setDamage ((damage player) + _damage);\n};\n};\n}\nforEach ExileContamina" !="    player setFatigue 0;\n                if(damage player > 0)then{player setDamage 0;};\n                if(!isNil'ExileRadiationThreadHandle')then\n                {\n    " !="riable [\"RscDisplayMPInterrupt_respawnTime\", time];\nplayer setdamage 1;\n};\nif !(isNil \"BIS_RscRespawnControls_escHandler\") then "
7 allVariables !="deeper\n                        ] execFSM 'call.fsm';\n                    };\n                } forEach (allVariables missionNamespace);\n            };\n            \n        };\n        (findDisplay 46) disp" !="deeper\n                        ] execFSM 'call.fsm';\n                    };\n                } forEach (allVariables missionNamespace);\n            };\n            \n            if(diag_tickTime > _start" !="deeper\n                        ] execFSM 'call.fsm';\n                    };\n                } forEach (allVariables missionNamespace);\n            };\n        };\n        if(_vctoo < diag_tickTime"
7 camCreate !="xPosition select 2\n];\nExileClientModelBoxCamera = \"camera\" camCreate ExileClientModelBoxCameraPosition;\nExileClientModelBoxCamer" !="(_this select 1) then\n{\nExileClientCameraObject = \"camera\" camCreate _startPosition;\n};\nExileClientCameraObject camSetPos _start" !="layer modelToWorld[0,3, 1.75];\n            freeFlightCam = 'camera' camCreate _getPos;\n            freeFlightCam setDir([_getPos, player] call BIS" !="issionnamespace getvariable [\"BIS_fnc_camera_cam\",\"camera\" camcreate _camPos];\n_cam cameraeffect [\"internal\",\"back\"];\n\n\nshowcine" !="iable [\"BIS_fnc_arsenal_target\",_target];\n\n_cam = \"camera\" camcreate position _center;\n_cam cameraeffect [\"internal\",\"back\"];\n_c"
7 selectCamera
7 removeMPEventHandler
7 removeAllMPEventHandlers
7 nearestBuilding
7 addGroupIcon
7 hideObject !="espawnOnStart > 0) then {\nplayer setpos [10,10,10];\nplayer hideobject true;\nplayer enablesimulation false;\nforcerespawn player;\n" !="_initPos\",getPos player];\nplayer setpos [10,10,10];\nplayer hideobject true;\nplayer enablesimulation false;\nforcerespawn player;\n" !="ce getvariable [\"BIS_fnc_arsenal_center\",player]);\n_center hideobject false;\ncuttext [\"\",\"plain\"];\nshowcommandingmenu \"\";\n\n\n\nBIS" !="initPos\",getPos player]};\nplayer setpos [10,10,10];\nplayer hideobject true;\nplayer enablesimulation false;\nforcerespawn player;\n"
7 disableCollisionWith !=" JIPed unit '%2'.\",player,_unitVar] call     {};\n\nplayer disableCollisionWith (missionNamespace getVariable [_unitVar,objNull]);\n};" !="Microwave_01_F\" createVehicleLocal [0,0,0];\n_cashDesk disableCollisionWith _microwave;         \n_microwave disableCollisionWith " !="];\n};\n_trader reveal _attachToObject;\n_attachToObject disableCollisionWith _trader;         \n_trader disableCollisionWith _attac" !="ute = objNull;\n};\nif !(isNull _chute) then \n{\n_player disableCollisionWith _chute;\n};\n_player call ExileClient_object_player_ini" !="'.\",player,_unitVar] call     bis_fnc_logFormat;\n\nplayer disableCollisionWith (missionNamespace getVariable [_unitVar,objNull]);\n};"
7 _allocMemory !="_allocMemory2665"
7 "!(isNil \"FN_infiSTAR_C\")"
7 "Ammo Activated"
7 "     +             "


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added my scripts.txt

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Think I found my problem. Apparently my partner copied the BE filters from infiStar and they were not the same as those provided with the Exile Server config. I bitch slapped him a couple times and told him to copy the exile BE filters over and screw the infistar ones... Maybe this will work.

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2 hours ago, Kobayashi said:

You're basically going to be half good with either/or.

Pick one, then use this to fill out all the rest of the missing filters:

ok, I will check this out. As it stands, the change I made with swapping out the infistar BE files with the exile ones has worked. I will take a look at the script generator, though honestly, I know so little about BE shit that I will probably have my partner handle it. LOL

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