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Base Components

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I am loving all the base components which are currently in-game such as the walls / doors/ gates / floors etc.


So why are half length base components useful? 

When building a base within a structure  ( such as a house ) I myself tend to try keep the structure as much as it is without making stuff stand out too obvious to lure people into thinking theres a base situated inside.  A two storey house can hide a flag pole without any problems with it showing outside the roof.  The issue comes when trying to block up rear enterences into that house, blocking up windows or splitting a room into two sections.  This is when the full wall / door / floor kits become a problem and start to stick outside the structure which make it plainly obvious that there is a base inside.

So what's the solution ?

Half length components. Imagin for example a full wall kit split into half .  Half being LENGTH not height.  (There is already a 1/2 wall which is same length as a full wall but half the height)

What use do the Half Length Kits have?

  • Blocking up windows / doorways of structures such as houses / shops  without having half a full wall kit sticking outside the exterior walls.
  • Creating false walls within a base to hide important objects. ( Flag / crate / safe )
  • Creating Air locks at base enterences that requires you to open two locked doors to gain access into base
  • Splitting up rooms.
  • Extra protection to prevent base attacks ( doubling up of walls with razor wires place inmiddle of the two walls )
  • Creating a series of mazes with use of support beams.
  • Half Floor Kits can be used to patch up floors / rooftops which dont require a full kit. ( example putting down a floor on second floor but want to keep access to stairs open.  Half a floor kit can be used to keep stair accessible.

These are the few simple reasons which can make all the more gaming experience.

Which Full Kits am I suggestion to have a half version?

  • Floor - (Full Length,  Half Width) 
  • Wall - ( Full Height, Half Length )  ,  ( Half Height, Half Length )   * Already 1/2 height, full length in-game *
  • Doorway - ( Just Door Frame with chance to upgrade to Door Frame + Door, No side Wall addons, only Wall above Door to normal Height )
  • Stairs - ( Half Height, Full Width )

Requirements to Craft?

I think the obvious tools needed to craft the Half Components would be a Hand-Saw + Work Bench.  As for the Wood Planks they should in theory cost half of the required amount to craft a full kit.  Example a Wood Floor Kit requires 8 logs which is 4 planks.  Therefore, if crafting a Half Component this would require 4 logs  which is 2 planks.


Destructing Half base components?

They might be half the size of the full kits but they are still made of the same materials.  It's only fair to keep the amount of explosives to destroy them the same?  Afterall if people try to abuse it by placing 10 layers of half components the explosive will still affect the area damaging not just the one that the explosive was placed on.



Please leave feedback and even your own suggestions that I can add to this list of what you think the impact of these Half kits would bring. Good or Bad it's all constructive.


Thanks for taking the time to read through.






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