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3DEN Plugin how?

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How does the 3DEN Plugin work?
I have installed it, mapped a mission but how can I put the mission.sqm into my pbo now? It says "Max players reached" when I want to join the server.


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I think you need to add into the mission to have playable players like the example below. What I did was just copied them from the default atlis mission sqm then pasted them into the desired map and made it that way. To copy things over start editor select map DONT press continue but press ctrl+o to open the 2editor. after that select the alits mission then put everything near each other and copy paste. then open a new file in the desired map and paste. After you pasted you can edit it to your liking then save it then go edit the mission.sqm on the new map and add Player="PLAY CDG" after each vehicles"Exile_unit_Ghostplayer"; and you should now have slots on your server. * noticed you asked about a certain plugin and not how to do it. I just showed how I did it atleast
                class Item84
                    player="PLAY CDG"; //*this is what you need to add

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