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I have had enough programing in the past to know enough to get into trouble...

I am in need of somebody who can help me navigate through all the scripts ect and to help me understand how to do some things.

I have started the server build, I have both the Live server and a decent test server. Both are public servers. I just seam to be having some serious issues with a few scripts.

I could pay for somebody to do all of this, but I prefer to figure this out with some help so I learn what the hell I need to learn. I can offer a very nice bonus to somebody who can help me get this server on it's feet. I can be reached on TS, Skype, or Steam. I prefere to use TS or Skype so there is better communication.

Once again, not looking for somebody to do all this, just somebody who does know what the heck to do and is willing to show me, or point me in the right directions and answer a few needed questions.

Drop me a PM or use my name here for Steam...

Thanks, McSpuds

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