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[ExileIsPlayingRussianRoulette] is NIL!  - Banned

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Hey Gentlemen,

Since the upgrade to Potato I seem to be getting alot of players banned for the below :-

19-07-2016 18:09:37 infiSTAR.de | BANNED | Joshua(76561198010099881) Variable [ExileIsPlayingRussianRoulette] is NIL! 
19-07-2016 18:11:08 infiSTAR.de | BANNED | [F-SF] Poki Pew(76561197995060731) Variable [ExileIsPlayingRussianRoulette] is NIL! 

I use infistar and battleye and have them both updated to the latest available versions.

Is there anything obvious I can check for ? 

I am having quite a few players banned for this - If I remove the ban it simply comes back after they try again.

I have posted to infistar to also take a look but of course it may not be that causing the issue.

Any help / pointers greatly appreciated.

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yeah I've changed it for the next update and set it to the default value before the check starts.


The thing is, that variable gets set by ExileClient preInit - pre mission init - so it should really be set when you're ingame running around

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