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Group share respect/poptabs

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Checkbox option in the party menu within the XM8 to share respect and poptabs gained with the rest of your party apon trading and respect gain.

Example: A three man party sells a vehicle the money is automatically divided three ways. 

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Not a bad idea, particularly the bit about sharing pop-tabs equally. I'd say it needs more development though and personally  I'd rather see there a clan/group respect value added, that adds cumulative respect for all members in a  particular clan. This could then be used in relation to group activities such as base building i.e having certain base building items unlocked when you achieve certain clan respect levels, allowing further expansion when your clan respect hits certain milestones etc. I think automatic profit sharing at traders could be built into that as an unlock-able feature or could just be introduced as a nice selectable options for  "groups" rather than clans. Eitherway its a good idea

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