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3DEN Placing Weapons on wall

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Just how are weapons or backpacks being placed on a trader wall? I see how to rotate the axis, but when I go to move or fine tune the weapon's location, it snaps back to being flat(layed down).


Also, is there a setting I need to use to keep players from using the weapons that are placed?

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Hello McSpunds and welcome to the Exile Community!

The Exile Mod team released a very nice little addon addition for the Eden editor.

You can read something about it here and download it here.

Just drop the addons into your Exile Mod folder and start your game up normal with the mod. Start the editor and load your mission.

Place your weapons/backpacks etc., convert them as simple object (New menu-point in editor named "Exile") and place them correctly with the little can that is attached to your object. After your work is done create your code for your mission or server addon (where ever you want to place your object script) in the editor menu point "Exile".

Sorry for my bad english but i hope i could help.

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