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Again BattlEye


Hey folks!

I'm realy new to Arma 3 and the Exile Mod so excuse me if i had overseen something. Thanks to the great work in the community and the great tools and mods out there i can help myselv to setup a Server.

But BattlEye is BattlEye... it it needs some custom filter. So I start to read tutorials in this forum and used the tools brought by the community. I love them! But there ist one restriction that kicked our asses out of that damn server an regaurdless what i do, it didn't work. 

21.07.2016 23:50:38: Twenty7 (XX.XX.XXX.XXX:XXXXX) XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX - #0 "leAI 'ANIM';
		this disableConversation true;
		this addMPEventHandler ['MPKilled', {_this spawn ZMPKilled;}];
		nul = [this,_av"

This is how i try to handle it: 

!="leAI 'ANIM';\nthis disableConversation true;\nthis addMPEventHandler ['MPKilled', {_this spawn ZMPKilled;}];\nnul = [this,_av"\"

also tested:

!="leAI 'ANIM';\n		this disableConversation true;\n		this addMPEventHandler ['MPKilled', {_this spawn ZMPKilled;}];\n		nul = [this,_av"

i tryed to install ryans Zombies and Demons...  First thing for us, we are Z maniacs :D Thx for your time and help

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