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Armored SUV broke M134 miniguns


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On 7/23/2016 at 0:20 PM, StimulusDanny said:

Hi! The addition of the armored SUV caused the miniguns on the Pawnee and Blackfoot to not work anymore because of the SUV's config. Can anything be done about this matter?

I'm having issues with the Pawnee and the Hellcat. Both of them, when you start up the heli have no crosshair for the M134 Miniguns nor do they have any ammo, when you switch over to the DAR missiles, however, the crosshair appears and the ammo appears in the HUD. Don't know if this is a global problem or a problem with just my server. 

Dar ammo hellcat.PNG

Hellcat no ammo.PNG

pawnee 2.PNG

pawnee 1.PNG

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