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Error when loading vehicle to BlackFish


Hi friends, 

just want to ask you, when im trying to load vehicle into BlackFish heli im getting BattleEye error #0.



23.07.2016 14:58:43: Acer ( af1faa9e4f71bb33f96f53a2deacd060 - #0 2:310 Exile_Car_OldTractor_Red 2:367 Exile_Plane_BlackfishVehicle -1 [0,5,-4]
23.07.2016 15:14:11: Acer ( af1faa9e4f71bb33f96f53a2deacd060 - #0 2:307 Exile_Bike_QuadBike_Red 2:361 Exile_Plane_BlackfishVehicle -1 [0,5,-4]

Is there some filter like BattleEye filter tool so i will be able to edit and add it to attachto.txt? Or can u give me some tip? 

my attachto.txt


7 "" !"NVG_TargetG" !"Shot" !"Exile_Unit_Player"!"I_" !"O_" !"B_"
1 "Exile_Unit_Player"!"Exile_" !"Land_" !"Box_" !"CUP_" !"supplyCrate" !"O_" !"I_mas_" !"O_mas_" !"B_mas_" !"_mas_" !"rhs_" !"rhsusf_" !"RHS_" !"I_" !"B_" !"C_"


Thank you, Acer

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