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Lard Fish

Occupation Airlines crashes into a tree near Weiss College Esseker


Hi There,

I'm using the A3 Occuption mod on an Esseker Server. I have liberated the following configurations from this thread and thrown in my own map designs as well (Crediting the author in the mission file of course!): 

The Occupational Airlines Chopper lands successfully in a custom helipad in my Airport Trader Zone (Built myself) and I am able to board with no issues. The chopper then takes off and heads for Weiss College and completely passes it and then turns around to being a landing approach at the Helipad there. This is when it collides with a tree on a mountain and then somersaults down the hill before landing upside down. When one ejects from the chopper they land in the (still running) right side engine and die a horrible death by propeller...

The solution may simply be using an Orca or Mowhawk which (perhaps foolishly) I have not tried. But I'm curious if anyone has had the same problem and can help me with an easy fix. My other option is to use the bus service instead as I am in no doubt that this issue is solely at Weiss College (Other traders are deep in forests)

Thanks :)

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