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Lard Fish

Differing Trader Prices

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Hi There,

I'm contemplating the idea of having a basic trader in service stations doted around my maps. Much like in the UK our service stations tend to offer products at high cost for the 'convenience' factor. So I was toying with the idea of having a trader selling DuctTape, Coffee, Noodles or Chocolate Bar, Bandage and Pain Killers.

I've thought about doing this 2 ways. Somehow cloning the above items and renaming them as follows (names intentionally spelt wrong):

  • DuctTape becomes Kwik Fitt Repair Kit
  • Coffee becomes Costa lot Latte
  • Noodles becomes Rustlerrs Burger
  • Pain Killers becomes Panadolex Plus
  • Bandage becomes Elastoplastic Plaster

And having them all sell for a minimum of 1,000 pop tabs a go.

Is there an easy way to do this? I'm happy to play around with the code myself but I would be delighted if someone could point me in the right direction as my code skills are not that great (I'm more a Network / Hardware Person). I know it's possible to clone traders as I've done this already by cloning the Exile_Trader_Aircraft to Exile_Trader_Airplanes and Exile_Trader_Airbirds so I have seperate sellers for Choppers and Planes. (One spawning planes on the runway, the other spawning choppers on helipads)

I'd also like to make this tidy so I'm even happy to go as far as adding pictures to these new items. But just need some advice on where to start please?


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easy enough to code something to artificially change the price of items sold at particular traders, but you really cant just add items as such to the traders with new names. you "can" in a sense if you want to create a whole new virtual item system but if you want to add new physical items, then you have to make a mod. then its as simple as cfgmagazines


class Exile_Item_ElastoplasticPlaster: Exile_AbstractItem
	scope = 2;
	displayName = "Elastoplastic Plaster";
	descriptionShort = "A small bandage to stop bleeding wounds.<br/>Health: +5%/10s";
	mass = 10;
	model = "\A3\Structures_F_EPA\Items\Medical\Bandage_F.p3d";
	picture = "\exile_assets\texture\item\Exile_Item_Bandage.paa";

	class Interactions
		class Consuming: Exile_AbstractItem_Interaction_Consuming_Healing
			stopBleeding = 1;
			effects[] =
				{3, 5, 10}


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