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so this is my first post here and it will hopefully lead to my first script i'am trying to find out if it is possible to take the throw able rope in the video below and make it into an object you can climb with the default ladder animation (i know it wouldn't be the most immersive option but it would be the quickest way of doing it while making sure clipping isn't too big of a concern) and i would like to make the throw able ammunition that of the exile rope itself if anyone knows if and how this is possible i'd appreciate any tips and pointers on how to get it done

here's his work for the below video

//player addEventHandler ["Fired", {_this execVM "grapple.sqf"}];
sleep 0.01;
_nade = _this select 6;
_nade enableRopeAttach true;
_veh1 = "C_Kart_01_Blu_F" createVehicleLocal position player;
_veh1 hideObject true;
_veh1 enableRopeAttach true;
_rope = ropeCreate [_veh1,[0,0,-1],_nade,[0,0,0],20];?

if this is already out there for exile then i apparently ddnt search over enough mountains :) thanks for any help


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