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Hey guys,

I'm wondering if it's even possible to create a dynamic town invasion mission using DMS? I already know about Exile Occupation, but that's not what I want. That just adds AI to towns, but doesn't treat them as a mission with a reward crate, etc. The other downside to Exile Occupation is that it's a whole other set of AI gear to configure, when it's already set once in DMS.

I'm thinking something along the lines of IT07's VEMFR or the Town Capture missions that are in FuMS.

  • Randomly select an urban area on the map
  • Configurable to let you set the minimum size of the urban area (village,town,city,capital)
  • Spawn the AI inside the urban area and have some fortify buildings while others roam from building to building
  • Optional static weapons
  • Uses the DMS AI settings and configuration
  • Uses the DMS Mission Loot configuration
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40 minutes ago, second_coming said:

There has been an Occupation static mission within DMS for a while.


Well slap me sideways and call me Lucy! For some reason in the "Static" folder of the previous downloads there was only a couple, and I don't recall there being one called Occupation.

It's not a true dynamic mission in the sense that it won't find a random town on the map to spawn in, but, I can use it as a template and just make a whole bunch of static missions for each town I want the mission to appear in. It'll work.


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