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TENOME - Emergent Survival - GM Session Clips

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A selection of raw footage from my current project.

Teno Is an attempt to create an immersive emergent survival experience, driven by equal parts player base and human game masters. Hostile placement, economy, missions and more change regularly. In theory endless stories to tell, and no game session the same. 

All clips are taken during live GM sessions, either from GM or player perspective. Nothing is planned or scripted during these sessions, GMs riff on whatever ideas work at the time. Preset missions, or objectives are often placed to get something more focused happening. Think DMS mission system but with a HUMAN at the controls! for a real basic example.

If you're interested in the project want to play, GM, or contribute you can find out more here: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Zxile

The quality and cutting is poor due to the original material, and editing tools.

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