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Random kicks for PBO Arma PBO Issues


I figured I would start my own thread to hopefully see how many people are seeing this error.  I see a ton of random kicks/disconnects, but this seems to be happening to random players on our servers and it is not even for the same PBO each time.  Always different.   If I compare my RPT (game) to his, he has all the right signatures numbers just like mine.  However, when I look at the server logs, each one of these below is a different disconnect in the span of 20 minutes for the same person.  Now one thing we did do was recreate a profile and it worked for about a day.  Also note they do have APEX and some do not.

Wrong signature for file addons\props_f_exp_a.pbo

Wrong signature for file addons\dubbing_f_epb.pbo

Wrong signature for file E:\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\expansion\addons\sounds_f_exp.ebo

Just a few that we see server side, but nothing on their RPT side.

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