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Bug to see the vehicle

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i use the burnes lcac on my server.
It works fine on the testserver:


But on the public server the ferry looks like:



The servers are on seperate roots and both have the same configuration, addons and startparameter.


@echo off
color 0a
title Exile Tanoa
rem -------------------------------------------------------
timeout 10 /nobreak
rem Missionsupdate
cd D:\
start "Missionsupdate" Tanoa_M_Updater.bat
timeout 3
rem Serverupdate
start "Serverupdate" Tanoa_S_Updater.bat
timeout 3
rem Serverstart
rem ----------------------------------------------------

echo Launching Tanoa
cd "D:\ArmA-Tanoa-Exile\" 
echo Watching DTG Arma 3 Exile Tanoa
start "Tanoa" /min /wait /high ArmA_Exile_Tanoa.exe^

ping -n 15 >NUL
echo Server with Exile has exited ... Restarting!
ping -n 5 >NUL
goto Serverstart


Only the startparameter cpuCount is another at the testserver (-cpuCount=8)

Can anybody give me a tip what works wrong?

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