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Radiation zone effects

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Hi, Hello lovely exile playeeers ! 

I have a question for you today ! I'm currently trying to reduce the visual and sound effects in the radiation zone, without any succes.

I've been searching and found two topic on this forum about it, and found some info, first i found that there is somewhere a files called, 

"ExileClient_system_radiation_initialize.sqf" or something like that, but didn't found it in my server files " ( maybe am i blind :P ! ).

Second i found some line to modify or add but i don't exactly know where to do that, here are the lines: 

		linearConversion [0, 1, ExilePlayerRadiation, 1, 1.3],
		linearConversion [0, 1, ExilePlayerRadiation, 0, -0.05],
		[1.5,1.3,1,1 - ExilePlayerRadiation],

As i said, i search for a long time, and find not a lot of info, so if any of you know how to change this, i will be very gratefull ! 

Edit : I'm using the Tanoa map :)


Many thanks for those who will take the courage to explain to me how to do this, and i'm realy realy sorry for my bad english.  :P

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