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server placed building error?


Hi all

Okay i recently manage to get an server running through QGS.   But on their standard exile.chern map.  all custom building placed in the trader zone keeps on "spawning" in each other,   when server is running more keeps on coming.   this also applies to exile trader sign. 1 stays up and another have fallen over.

Anyone know what the issue might be?

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It is spawning 2 most likely because your initserver.sqf runs once on it's own and is then called again from your initplayerlocal.

"#Include Initserver" should be in there.

Comment it out, initserver will run on it's own when the server starts, this will stop duping of objects. This is all assuming your objects are placed in initserver.sqf

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Thank you for pointing this out,

Most of our Installs had this corrected but our Cherno and Esseker got overlooked.


We apologize about the inconvenience this may of caused and we are correcting it on our backend now!

Please put in a support ticket and we will be happy to fix this for you! :)


Once again,

Thank you

Edited by QGS

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