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i have a big problem with my Database:

sometimes vehicles didn't get position update and spawn again to the Trader back.

Accounts same,if you dont log out the last 10 mins befor restart u lose ur gear or will spawn again as Bambi in the spawnzone like 1h didn't get accout update, had players they logged out like 1h but get a new spawn, wtf?

can someone please help me?


SQLmode = "" (global too)



EXTDB logs (no Error):


few logs (with errors?)

last Log: http://pastebin.com/GZS42SvL





Server Specs:
Intel Core i7 6700 CPU 3,4 GHz
32 GB
500 GB SSD
Windows Server 2012 R2 64Bit

Startparameter: -world=empty -nosplash -noSound -noPause -high -enableHT -loadmissiontomemory -maxmem=8192 -malloc tbbmalloc

Installed addons:


• Custom Traders
•  5 Traders
• Toasts Welcome masseges
• Deploy Bike scipt
• StatusBar
• Restart warnings






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I have the same issue. This is what I found out by continuously rebuilding the server.

2 items I am leaning on.

I'm leaning on AdminTools as before adding it into the server, everything was fine. with in a minute I could shut the server down and restart it and be where I left off.

I added admin tools and DMS at the same time. Restarted the server and I was 5 minutes behind in game. 

I find that when I TP on the map, then do a restart not even 3 minutes after doing it. That information about me is lost, I also noticed my players info is lost.

If you don't have AdminTools.... Then DMS is the issue. Scratch that...... You use InfiStar. So your questioned helped me. For me its DMS unless its the TP on map or Tp on a player making it slow to write to data base.

I hope I helped you narrow it down and hope you can figure it out and share what you found.

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I occasionally have this issue too.

The easiest fix for me was to add a notice to remind players to actually log off before each restart.

The other aspect of this, the lack of updated vehicle positions and stuff seems to be related to the servers being a bit too overloaded with AI and the like.

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At least 2 different things going wrong here, though they may be related.

First is the call to "setAccountMoneyAndRespect". 
This is no longer used, and I suspect one of your mods is out of date/not updated/or an update does not exist yet.
As it has with updating money & respect at the same time, likely candidates are DMS or ExileZ.
If you have to fix it yourself there is this answer on exilemod: 


As for the second, greater problem, deadlocks in the database when deleting territories.
This means the territory table can't be updated because it is either being written to already  or other tables territory depends on/has a relationship to are being updated.
Possible candidate would be the account table as territory has a two foreign key constraints/relationships with it. (Assuming phpMyAdmin look at territories/structure/relation view.)

How to fix?
- First check that all values in your tables are valid ones. Clean up.
- Check possible outdated mod code that updates the account table. Get rid of the setAccountMoneyAndRespect error (and others you may find.)
- Check possible mod code that update the clan table as account has constraint/relationship with this. (Assuming phpMyAdmin look at account/structure/relation view and same in clan.)

- Reasearch/google MariaDB + deadlocks - several reasons why deadlocks can occur, this can easily get complicated 

That's just off the top of my head and assumes a fairly recent exilemod version, ymmv.
caveat emptor!

rgds Rusler/redbutterbox



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server ad .-)
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