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General balancing question

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AI hits hard in 1.62 and Exile 1.0 in general - DMS ZCP A3XAI VEMFr ... does not matter.
With default settings of the addons its hard to ceep your respect because you loose 4% on getting killed.
And you will when 3 players go for a 25 units mission.
Humans need a few shots to kill AI when you hit the (amored) body but AI kills almost instant with 1 shot.

Bullet penetration vs armor are the same for palyers and AI?
So this would mean that AIs 1st or 2nd shot is a headshot since it take down the player?

Is there a way to make it more playable, make fights last longer and have more fun?
You can change the skills of the Ai but not the amor weapon stats.
Removing the better armor fron the AI is the only chance to blanace the game?


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Bullet Penetration is the same no matter if AI or player. They use the same clothing, the same weapons, the same ammo that you can use. The thing that is different is the AI is normally a better shot than players because they are... AI. ;) 

Removing plate carriers from the vests for AI to spawn with will help. Changing the weapons they spawn with will help. 

You can also adjust the actual "difficulty" of the AI using the command setSkill:

But this will have to be done to every AI spawned.

If someone who is better at AI, feel free to correct me as that I don't work with AI too often. 

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mybe somebody coming across this topic ... so here is my solution.

I removed the GL Vests from the AI and added reducedDamage=1; (pre 1.58 amaor=1;).

Custom AI level can be set with aiLevelPreset=3; (1 regular, 2 vetern, 3 custom) in the profile:


class DifficultyPresets
    class CustomDifficulty
        class Options
    class CustomAILevel


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