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Hello everyone ! I know there are already existing threads about this and i have read plenty, but still it seems like battleye wants to rip myself everytime when i join or at least try to join my server.

I bought infiSTAR and installed it - it works and the server is running.

Now i want to join and since i am the only admin i get kicked by this bad boy right here:

[2016-07-29 | 18:52:28] Player #0 Aaron B (02dd05cdf1d8aeb6a3936b46b818987b) has been kicked by BattlEye: RemoteExec Restriction #0


29.07.2016 18:52:42: Aaron B ( 02dd05cdf1d8aeb6a3936b46b818987b - #0 "fnc_adminreq [1,["dgl4frw3xifkc8","76561198001930079","2:1802",["Aaron B","76561198001930079","CLIENT_PING","2:1802",[65,114,105,102,32,77,111,104,97,109,109,101,100],"76561198001930079","76561198001930079",[]]]]"

Remoteexec.txt looks like :


7 "" !="true" !="vehicle this land 'LAND'" !="exileserver_system_network_dispatchincomingmessage.*" !="fnc_adminreq"
7 "ExileClient_system_network_dispatchIncomingMessage"
7 "FN_infiSTAR_C"


I thought that  !="fnc_adminreq" would be enough to make this work,

I implimented this ( !="fnc_adminreq" ) into the remoteexec.txt and charged the loadScripts via. DaRT without restarting the server.

Can anyone tell me what I did wrong?


Greetings from Cologne, Felix

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Reload scripts only works for scripts.txt, you will need to restart the server for remoteexec.txt filters.



is the proper exception.

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