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A little help please before release

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Finally managed to get into my editor and started looking at Tanoa.

Knocked up a fast static mission, in both v1.0 and v2.1 versions (v1 is hardcore only with little editing etc and no vehicle, v2.1 is my new updated version with multi difficulty and possible perm vehicle - see latest bandit missions of mine to see difference) and just needed a little help.

1. Made mission at Comms Alpha base, I presume this is ok to have mission there?

2. Anyone want to test it out as I don't run Tanoa before I release? - MSG me if you do.


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New help required with a few customised Z-themed bandit missions:

Created 4 August 2016 > V 3.0 - Release
6 simple missions with customised AI in white overalls and gasmasks with a virus kind of theme.

Its a start of a few zombie/virus themed reworks if someone with that kind of server wants to test for me.


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