Do any external mods work with exile?

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So I made a server just for me and a few friends but I was wondering if any mods work at all with exile as i've already been told Enhanced Movement doesn't work unless you can figure it out and change code (i cant do at all) but I was curious if any other mods work, such as; Rappelling mod, Hand Signals, towing, bloodlust and others. As I said it's only for a few friends and me so if anyone can get these to work, it would be much appreciated.

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We meet again!

A lot of those work no problem.

Add rappeling to your server and add a startup parameter IN SERVER command line to start it up, clients do not need this mod.

Hand signals work, tell other players to bind their keys to get it to work. Your server will not appear on a3launcher if you use unrecognised mods, this is one of those.

Bloodlust works fine but everybody will not see the same thing because everyone will have different settings for it. It also causes major lag with some options at certain values.

Towing just requires the pbo in @Exileserver and nothing more

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