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Hello, My name is Trooper im the Co-owner/Dev of the KGB we currently have a Server running with a fair few mods and i'm looking for a Dev with knowlege on how to mods to loot spawn and trader to both give me a hand and Teach me how to do these two things as its the only thing i dont really know how to do, Any help would be appreciated.

Server is based in the UK


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40 minutes ago, Steelius said:

So you're asking for someone to do a lot of things for you

Oh I'm sorry is that not what this topic is for? 

Y'know i'm looking for somebody to add loot and trader lists when i've

Added all mods,
Polished out all bugs,
Sorted Battleye variables,
Stopped all un-needed kicks and bans,
edited the map to add custom shit,
Dealt with bratty players,
added all custom code needed for mods,
configured all the cfg's so players don't get screwed by AI And/or Zombies, 
And many more!

I've been working on this server for well over a week and I'm sorry i asked for assistance on the one thing I had left to do of which I don't know how to do myself.

Don't comment on a post unless you're actually looking to help.

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18 minutes ago, Rappidxshots said:

best way to learn is to try bro

I'm not asking somebody to do the job for me, I'm asking somebody to help me through it and teach me by action

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