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building placement help wanted?

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Hia all

I am trying to place some building on my existing mission.  chern map.

I found someone who already made an cool military base on NW airfield.  Copied and pasted the script into my initserver.sqf.   building are there so all perfect so far.

But when i try to add other building in the vicinity.  No custom placed building suddently appear on the map at NW airfield,  not even the ones that work prior?

["Land_Mil_Barracks_i",[4152.54, 10830.5, 340.368], [0.871111, 0.491087, 0], [0, 0, 1]],[false,false]]  that is the last building on the file.   then i copy that line to an new line just above.  Edit the coords to the correct i want(using coords from m3eden). and add the , to the end.

Restart the server, and no building appear again?  i am not understanding this,  what am i doing wrong.  anyone that could help out?

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