Editing Vanilla mission.sqm?

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I tried to derapify it, but it did not do anything. So I just copied out everything inside the mission.sqm, made a new mission.sqm then opened that new one in elite and rapified the new sqm(after I added the mods to the list of course). 

Server loaded up with the modified mission file. So far so good. Now I can start adding stuff to traders and test it as I go. 

Lenymo, thanks for all the help.


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I have a few questions. What did you add here in the mission.sqm?

addOns[] = {"exile_client","a3_map_altis"};
    addOnsAuto[] = {"exile_client","a3_map_altis"};

and do you have to rapify the file back or just save as .sqm?

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