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William =D

New comers.

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Just a thought for New comers.


A while back I was in the build making a life server on the map Tilos as a lot of people have done, whilst in the “brain storming” phase we thought it would be great to have a one off welcome tutorial in which goes through the ins and outs of in that time Tilos Life, i.e. How to obtain money, what to do when police come etc.


What I thought would be a great idea is that if a player is new, no record in the data base, that they go through a series of pages where basic information is given, i.e. Explaining what an XM8 is, what is EXILE, PAYING RENT! etc.

What I have noticed is the few who know the basics yet never knew about rent or bambi kill reductions leaving them more saltier than the salt lakes in Altis and possibly leaving the mod all together.

The way I had it set up was there were individual NPC’s where each one would explain their particular role or expertise by going up to them and "scroll wheel talk".

I have had a few players spend hours building a base to find out the hard way that rent was due. I now advise all new comers to see the help guide and hope they read it.


Just my two cents, 

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