Area and map (blackmarket arms dealer) notifications when enemy is contesting/unoccupied/occupied

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So i modified the Wasteland code to try run in Exile. The Markers are created but not change the color when other player (friend or not) is inside of area. I don't know what is the error, in console editor not show any error, and i'm new with arma 3 language. Any help is good. :)

OBS: i call the file in init.sqf

if (hasInterface) then {
  execVM "custom\NotSafeMarkers.sqf";

I think so the code run only in client right?


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On 9/18/2016 at 5:25 AM, AcornnutZ said:

If anyone else is interested in this script just post here and I'll provide it...I didnt see any others looking to use this feature so.

This sounds interesting, is it all working? I'd be interested in this.

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Yes it works great... if you search for Outpost-99 or click on this link you will find info for my test server. The test server is run off a local machine so the ping may be slightly high. We will be launching the real server Thursday. Safe Zones do not sell weapons, the only way to get weapons is to loot  them or buy them from one of the black market traders (wasteland style gun store) . The map is Chernarus Winter complete w/snow. We're also running DMS Missions w/ occupations addon, enigma revive, igiload, non persistant vehicle claim, ExAd for base raiding and menu customization, and auto wood chop to vehicle script.  Spawning is completely random throughout the map.  

mods list with download links can be found using the link

Chernarus Winter 1.11

CUP Core, Units, Weapons, Vehicles, **NO CUP MAPS**

Ni Arsenal



TRYK Multiplay Uniform Pack

The server specs for the real server will be:

i7 4790 32gb ram 250 gb ssd on a 1gbpa line provided by Quality Gaming Servers


if you visit let me know what you think

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