Namalsk zombies. 1.0.0.

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SO I just got my server finally running, zombies are spawning, loot is spawning, however I am noticing the zombies I have in the game just spawn and stand there, only 1 time did they attack me. Any thoughts?


I am just wondering, I set the zombies to be WEST faction like I have it on my other servers in preparation for me adding DMS to the server. Are the factions different here on Namalsk?


I reset my faction to EAST for now, that seems to have fixed the issue. I think, either way the zombies now aggro the players.

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extract the exilez.pbo then click on init folder then open the fn_init.sqf in there is what you can change so for the zombies


_ryanzombiesmovementspeedwalker        = 2;      //Animation speed for walker zombies
_ryanzombiesmovementspeedslow          = 2;      //Animation speed for slow zombies
_ryanzombiesmovementspeedmedium        = 2;      //Animation speed for medium zombies
_ryanzombiesmovementspeedfast          = 2;      //Animation speed for fast zombies
_ryanzombiesmovementspeeddemon         = 2;      //Animation speed for demons
_ryanzombiesmovementspeedspider        = 2;      //Animation speed for spider
_ryanzombiesmovementspeedcrawler       = 2;      //Animation speed for crawler

these are all changeable to your needs

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