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Hello, Everyone

Venom Squad Gaming is looking for members that play Arma 3 & Exile and just about anything else.

We're based upon friendship and morals and look forward to growing our group of friends, we all proudly wear our tags and keep the community thriving. We are a multi gaming community and we do not limit ourselves to 1 game. So if you're a casual gamer or someone looking for some fun come join us today! 

Looking for Streamers too / Content Posters / Website Moderators / Graphic Designers / Web Developers / Gamers


  vsg.jpg.9d2531e552406e6cf55835125a37c640  Our Site

a3launcher-2.png.06d6550d82629b7d51d2208 Our Exile Server

TeamSpeak-icon.png.d140c19114f303de42636 Our Teamspeak

discord-icon.png.8779ce5377ad01a77421ba3 Our Discord

 facebook-icon.png.62373fb512ed74f84efca3 Our Facebook

Twitter.png.8e3b7fdcd0f60d0e816c0bbea8d4 Our Twitter

57a20ab59c976_Twitchicon.png.36852b9fc7a Our Twitch

youtube.png.5cc196f1739b4d040334c0c63c86 Our Youtube



@[VNM] cobra4v320 @[VNM] ucjohn @Tmann (Venom Squad Gaming Founders)

And our dedicated community members @ VSG




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