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***Accidently posted this in General Discussion, then realized it belongs here:

Haven't seen this brought up in a while, but I know a lot of people have been wanting it so here it goes again.

With the latest update, base raiding is finally a profitable activity, mostly because of the ability to steal flags. Now that the flag plays a pivotal role in your base, it would be nice to have the ability to move it around after base construction. It is currently impossible to hide your flag in high areas of your base, such as towers and top levels. This makes base raiding too predictable because you can be certain that a team's flag is sitting on the ground level or very close to it.

One of the problems discussed with moving the flag pole is that it also moves your building radius, thus opening ways to exploit it. I believe the solution for this is to keep the building radius bound to where you first placed the flag and it can never be adjusted, but the physical flag pole can be moved around within the build radius without affecting construction.

Also, another nice check would be: When moving your flag from the original position, the flag must be placed onto an exile floor part or the placement will fail. This would prevent people from levitating flags off the ground.

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