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James Trendall

Easy way to remove duplicate weapons from MODS

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Hello all.

I've been very very very slowly combing through the weapons list for both @MAS and @CUP aswell as Exile.Tanoa.PBO, Config.cpp.

I'm trying to match all weapon prices and respect level but it's such a grind since once you finish all three Assault weapons you scroll down and find APEX and ARMA 2 weapons that have no organisation and i end up getting lost pretty quickly.  

Is there any script that blocks any duplicates from being loaded? Is there an easier way to find all weapons named "AK107_GL" across 3 notepad++ windows?

Any help would be greatly appreciated since i'm fed up of loading in to the server, checking the trader and seeing "AK107 = missing respect 2000" while just a little down the list you have "AK107 = no respect needed" as the CUP/MAS/Exile weapons requires repsect but i missed Arma2 and Apex etc...


Thank is advance


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Hey James, noticed you didnt get a reply so I thought I'd give you a quick pointer if you still needed it. Notepad++ has a search option and you can either search in one specific file, all open documents or a specific directory (which will check all files). It's not hard to use and is located under the search tab on notepad++.

Just input your word, "AK107" for example, make sure you have unticked "Match case" and "Match whole word only", and click Find All

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