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adding safezone to old map problems?

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Hi all

I am trying to edit an exile.chern mission file to add another tradersafe zone.  I found some info about to unpack my mission file.   move it to mpmission folder within an created folder called exile.chernarus.

then i open up eden editor and open the it.    this message appear :  "Importing the scenario will update it to an new format. An backup will be created in the scenario folder. Do you want to import the scenario?".

i click yes.   map open's but there is nothing there beside the original chern stuff.  No safezone/trader's  etc.   This is the 1click install map from qualitygameserver's.   when i check the mission.sqf file  the first line are this: 




also getting error in the log file that some content been deleted from mission file.  i assume it might have something todo with aia_chernarus_config?   


What am i doing wrong?


i also tried to make an new map following info i found on making safezone's.     in the editor i see the safezone.  But when i place an charecter and "play as him" from editor, the safezone do not appear on map.  but i get the text.  welcome to tradercity etc.  i saw on an older m3editor that you could select solid on marker/trigger.   Do not see that on the eden?   any one that can help out with some more info for an little nubblet?


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