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Helicopter exploding on Tanoa


So I am not sure if this is an Exile bug or what; I have search the interwebs to no avail. Basically, it doesn't matter where you land the chopper. Also, this isn't the problem linked to restart as it it occurring while server is up and player is still online. I have had at least 5 choppers just randomly explode on the map. The player will land on flat ground, as flat as can be on Tanoa, walk away from it for a second only to turn around and watch as the chopper completely explodes.

Having witnessed it myself, I can tell you these are not damaged choppers or caused by attack. The choppers are completely powered down and just explode for no apparent reason. So far it has happened with the Blackfish, Mohawk, and Orca that I have seen. A couple have even exploded, fresh choppers, when the user is taking off. They get about 10m off the ground in complete clearance and boom. Or, the player lands the chopper, walks away for a bit and comes back to find a completely undamaged chopper with no main rotor.

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