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Infistar Wont Load


Hello all,

I am having issues with my Infistar instalation.

I installed infistar like the readme file and looked up several tuturials. But it doesnt seem to load at all i am running a tanoa exile server. I added it in my server sided mods commandline. But it doesnt load. Sometimes i see in the console with control F and i type infistar after startup 1 time and some times 37. I dont know what is going on i desperatly need help since i am trying to fix this  2 days already can anyone help me trough skype. And i see a lot of threads saying u need my rpt file where can i find that or is anyone willing to help me with skype.


Thanks in advance






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1. Infistar got a own part in this forum (antihack)

2. Check the installation...it seems u doesnt activate infi cause it will not be loaded

3. Check ur A3 installation folders cause u learn the structure and where u find the positions of the important files...then u will find files like "blablabla.rpt"...every A3 start got his own new .rpt file with the actual date and time

I believe in u..."learning by doing" :rock:

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