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Problems With Concrete Floors



i noticed a 'weird' thing that could be a major issue in the works.


2 things:


#1 - i noticed that flood lights shine thru concrete floors/walls.  i have not 'tested' this with wood though.


#2 - if i spawn a crate .1m -> .6m  in height from my height, in front of me on a wood floor, it does what it supposed to do, it spawns in front of me, on the wood floor.  HOWEVER, if i repeat this same 'action' on a concrete floor, the crate drops right thru is as if it was not even there.

i have a room with a 3 concrete floors.  if i spawn crate on floor 3, it drops lands on floor 2.  if i spawn it on floor 2, it drops thru and spawns on floor1.


i do not have this issue with wood floors.  also, it APPEARS to happen ONLY if the concrete floors are 'normal distance' apart in height - ie, concrete wall between each floor.


i suspect both issues are related to one another.

and if needed, i have a test/locked private server where this can be demonstrated if need be!


thought i would pass this along and as usual..yall are doing an OUTSTANDING JOB!!!


thanks for your effort and good work!




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I can tell you that I spawned stuff in as an admin and regular player by moving inventory to the floor on concrete and didn't have that problem

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well, that maybe the issue, you said 'stuff'.  i was specific; crate.  also, i stated that IF the concrete floor was on the bottom, no issue.  but if there is a multi-floor house and built completely out of concrete, a spawned crate, spawned on floor 2 and up,  will fall thru the upper floors.

what i did not mention in the OP, is that this this is built on top of a rocky outcrop mountain on tanoa.


i have not tried this with non-crate items though.


crates known to fall thru upper floors:




this however, does not account for the lights shinning thru the wall either.  as a programmer, i am lead to believe that they are related as some attribute(s) is not set the same as the wood floors are.


this occurs with just the exile mod running too.


thank you for your comments though!





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I would look further . I have a 3 level concrete base on Tanoa with spawn crates on lvl 2 and 3 , no problems . It is located on  grass .

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...A picture is worth a thousand words...



I know some may doubt what I stated is true or not, as it is hard to 'grasp'.

So to help illustrate this, I have made a video showing this happening.

Link:  Video Of This In Action! (2m 39s)

(  So there is no misunderstanding, the 'jumping' in the video when showing the concrete floors is; twice, when I spawned in the
crates, they dropped and then bounced backup and killed me...weird...  ;) )


Mods being run:

Exile mod
VCom's AI/Driving mod
Admin Toolkit mod
Advanced Rappelling mod
Tanoa Tidal mod
My personal 'admin' mod

My mod just adds an 'action menu' item that launches single scripts as called for.  It does nothing else.

None of the above mods would cause this issue.  My mod was being used in earlier 'pre-potatoe' versions without issues that I was able to detect.  And my mod has been used in one form or another since the days of OFP without issues such as this.

I am not sure if this is an apex/exile/tanoa issue.


There is also an issue with vehicle/flood lights passing right thru the concrete walls too as if they were not even there.

As mentioned before, I strongly suspect that both are related.

So there is no misunderstanding, below are some snippets from my mod spawning in the crates:


Crates Spawned Via 'Action Menu' Entries:

m13 = player addaction ["* Spawn Crate","Exile-HelpMe\SpawnMenu\SpawnCrateAtFeet.SQS",["O_CargoNet_01_ammo_F","Exile Items Crate"]]
m14 = player addaction ["* Spawn Exile Crate","Exile-HelpMe\SpawnMenu\SpawnCrateAtFeet.SQS",["Exile_Container_SupplyBox","Exile Item In Exile Crate"]]



Crate Spawn Code (SpawnCrateAtFeet.SQS):

spawnme = (_this select 3) select 0;
spawnname = (_this select 3) select 1;


_y1 = (position player select 0);
_x1 = (position player select 1);
_heading =  getDir player;

; how much to move out
_x3 = 2;
_y3 = _x3;

_x4 = _x3 * (cos(getdir player));
_y4 = _y3 * (sin(getdir player));

_x5 = _x1 + _x4;
_y5 = _y1 + _y4;

_z1 = getPosATL player select 2;
_z1 = _z1+.61;
; set box to spawn 8" off ground - .2m  <-  this was the original setting
; set box to spawn 2'/24" off ground - .61m  <-  set to .61 to ensure crate not 'hanging' on concrete floor when spawned - made no difference as shown in video

; spawn crate
_box = createVehicle [spawnme, [_y5, _x5, _z1], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"];

; clear crate of anything
clearMagazineCargoGlobal _box;
clearWeaponCargoGlobal _box;
clearItemCargoGlobal _box;

;stay until reset
_box setVariable ["permaLoot",true];

; Prevent boxes from exploding
_box allowDamage false;


; stuff crate with stuff
_box addItemCargoGlobal ["Exile_Item_DuctTape", 10];



As shown above, the spawn code is 'normal' and should work, but will not 100% of the time on concrete floors as shown in the video.






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Hmm.. I do not think it is a problem with the concrete floors, but more with the crates. First, may I suggest using "player modelToWorld [0, 0.5, 5]" or something to determine the new position of the crate? That is probably more reliable than some x123 x34 x553 cryptic variable jungle :) Second, you are getting the altitude of the player via ATL, but createVehicle takes AGL, which can lead to the shown problems.

Can you test this with other crates, too?

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