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RHS Helicopter Door BE Kicks


So I have this thing happening where every time a player (doesn't matter who) enters an RHS helicopter with sliding doors they are getting kicked by battleye. The player gets in just fine but its the automatic action of entering the vehicle into the backseat that causes the script error. When entering those types of vehicles it triggers the sliding doors to automatically open and close. This action causes all players in the helicopter to be kicked for the same script error. 

BE basically does not like the cargo door animations at all. I have added the error to the necessary filters in the setvariable.txt but still no luck. I even have things added such as, "rhs_" RHS_" etc. added so that it includes everything that begins with rhs and so forth. This is making hate battleye so much right now...

**ERROR Located in setvariable.log**

Value Restriction #0 "rhs_h_doorlb" = any 2:2272 NetworkMessageCreateHelicopterRTD

Value Restriction #0 "rhs_h_doorlb" = any 2:57 NetworkMessageCreateHelicopterRTD

Value Restriction #0 "rhs_h_doorlb" = any 2:2814 NetworkMessageCreateHelicopterRTD

As always I thank you all for any help with this.

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