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Dedicated Server Reset/Uninstall

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Hello, pretty new at this but managed to successfully setup a dedicated 1.0 server running multiple mods/addons including RyanZ, A3XAI, and DMS. I recently found SargeAI and attempted to install the scripts to the MPMission map per instructions. (admittedly have not done scripting before) However, my startup ended up  in a loop looking for a  DMS SQL file listing + the new map mission title. I tried to delete the A3DMS.Pbo found in Exile\Addons. The result was successful startup, however the map was completely blank with a few zombies walking around. There were no errors that I could see. <<Correction there was a no entry error that came up a few times --retried>> Couple of question as a result:

1. I read somewhere else at midnight last night that deleting A3DMS required "Some cleanup work" somewhere..but can't find it again. Is this true for any MOD removal including DMS?

2. Last resort and cannot find instructions is ...What is the simplest way to start the Exile Server from scratch/installation?  

FYI. Used these instructions for installation and they are fantastic!

Thank you in advance!


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