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Hi, I've not seen any tutorials on Centos i've only seen ubuntu so i'm going to show you how to create an centos 7 version on installing exile.

This is a non mysql version using root user

First you're going to need to install some dependencies 


"yum install tmux mailx postfix curl glibc.i686 libstdc++ libstdc++.i686 " you will need this to run arma3server.exe

"sudo yum install screen -y" This will allow you to run the server in the background

"yum install unzip" Allows you to unpack the files

"cd ~/ && wget https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/client/installer/steamcmd_linux.tar.gz" steam cmd obv needed to download the files
"tar xvf steamcmd_linux.tar.gz" unpacks the steam cmd
"./steamcmd.sh" runs the steam cmd
"login yourSteamUsername yoursteampassword" login to your steam account

Now go to your email copy the verification code if you're using steam code and paste back into centos

"force_install_dir /home/servers/arma3"   sets the install location of arma 3 server

"app_update 233780" This installs the files will take few mins to download


"cd location where you install arma 3"

If you don't have a config.cfg or basic.cfg you can get them from exile_server.zip

Go here to get the latest files, Exile Downloads

Right click on one of the Exile Client links and click copy location should look similar to this

Now now do the same with the Server on the same page

Don't use these links i provided as im not going to update them so always download latest version

now go back into centos7 and run "yum install wget" you should already have it but just to be sure

Once you copied both links type wget Your own updated link Example "wget"

Do that with the server and client once downloaded type 

"unzip @Exile-1.0.0.zip" unzips the files

"unzip @ExileServer-1.0.0.zip" unzipes the files

Once you extracted these files you can find the config.cfg and basic.cfg into the @ExileServer directory

now you should have @Exile and @ExileServer folders make sure these are in the arma 3 directory

now you need to make a start.sh file to run the arma 3 server with the mods

"nano start.sh" creates the start file

Copy and paste this code into it

./arma3server -pid=2307 -cfg=basic.cfg -config=config.cfg -port=2307 -autoInit -profiles=@Profiles -name=server -ranking=plyrs.log -cpuCount=2 -mod=@exile -servermod=@exileserver

You can customize this how you like port etc

"once you pasted this code press ctrl+x then press y to save then type" saves it

"chmod 777 start.sh" this gives the start admin perms to run

Now you're set to go type 

"screen" opens the screen

then "./start.sh"

your server should launch if you're not familiar with screen visit this page Screen Tutorials

If you're server is running without any issues and you wish to close putty ssh what ever you're using without closing the server press

"ctrl+a then press D alone" detaches the screen

the screen should detach and your server will still be active but if you're wondering how to get back to that screen well type

"screen -r" list the screens active

if you're running 1 screen it will automatically open the 1 screen if you're running multiple screens then do the following

"screen -r thesceen.example" opens the screen selected

Then it will open.

I hope this hoped you guys linux isn't easy if you're new to it so if you have any issues don't be afraid to drop a comment thanks.

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I have a few comments to improve your tutorial :

1) You install tmux. tmux is equivalent to screen. So if don't use it, no need to install it.

2) Postfix and mailx. I don't know if Arma servers send mails, but probably not. No need, except if you need it for external administration tasks.

3) curl -> equivalent to wget. like in 1), if you don't use it, don't install it.

4) I don't get why you set -pid, maybe you have a reason to force the process id (if so, tell me :) ), otherwise, you don't need this and the server could fail to start if this pid is already taken by another process.

5) chmod 777 start.sh => for security reason, never chmod 777 a file nor a directory. Allow just the least rights.

6) to list running screen session use -ls not -r

7) Last but not least, I don't know if you run your server as root, but don't do that. I mean, it "could" be okay for private tests or for playing with friends (using the appropriate firewall rules), but running a process like this with root, on the internet, is dangerous. One could find a security issue on Arma3 server and execute shell command, take control of your entire machine and you don't want that.

Don't take all my comments the wrong way, I hope it will help you :)


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