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Spawn/Respawn ideas needed for custom Tanoa mission

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I'm working on a custom version of Exile for our players that has only one spawn point (a small island) and would allow players to move out and explore the main island and other areas. I'm looking for ways to allow those players move off the initial spawn point and then spread out. 


Things Ive looked at:

1.Occupation Mod has a public transportation system but the heli takes some time to pickup players and then fly inland before returning. I'm not sure players are willing to wait that long to catch a ride and it also requires players to have a parachute unless they want to ride to the landing spot. 

2. Boat spawns are doable but when I tested the current offerings 98% of the boats spawn away from the shores and require a swim. Again not very workable.

3. Allow players to buy a boat (pbx) for cheap (say 1 tab)....but this would clutter up the server with persistent boats.


Any other ideas you guys have seen that might work?


My best idea was to have non spawn points but have a heli constantly flying a cycle of points above the islands and then have players respawn on the heli with the parachute. This way they could jump at a time and place of their choosing. Not sure who I'd get to script it though.



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50 minutes ago, Flosstradamus said:

You could try scripting a teleportation script

Thanks but I'd just settle for regular old spawn points I think. End result would be the same. 

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