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Body temperature error after logging in on every server


First of all, I apologize in advance for posting this because I've seen it has been posted already and it seems  that it's been solved by many people. 

So, what I'm complaining about is a message error reporting e few lines which say something like this "File exile_client\code\exileclient_object_player_stats_updateTemperature.sqf, line 21

Error Undefined variable in expression: _bodytemperature"

and the HUD on the bottom left corner of the screen doesn't display the climate and body temperature (I'll attach the screenshot below)

what I don't understand is why some folks that had the same problem had said that it has something to do with infistar, as far as I'm concerned, it's a program used by admins that offers many features for anti hacks systems and so forth.. and I'm not running any server whatsoever and this problem just came up few days ago and I don't even want to consider reinstalling everything again since my arma 3 folder is around 70 GB and lately I've had a shitty connection..

So what should I be doing to fix this issue?  I've already gone through old threads explaining this with the title as "solved" but when I dive into the comments I neither seem to understand nor relate those solutions to my case.

Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks!

p.s: this message has been showing up basically on almost every server from time to time only to me and not my friends.. weird 


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