How to find Battleye Filters?

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Hey!. (Im usually a arma 2 coder but arma 3 is diffrent for some reason ;D)

I'm currently searching for my battleye filters i have no idea were they are i've looked everywere, im using the host GTX Gaming and i can't find them apparently i need to:

It is highly recommended that you add

!="(_this select 0) execVM \"\A3\Structures_F\Wrecks\Scripts\Wreck_Heli_Attack_01.sqf\""

at the END of the lin that starts with "7 exec" in scripts.txt. <------- Cant find scripts.txt ANYWERE


!="_v)} do {\n_posV = getPos _v;\n_smoke1 = \"#particlesource\" createVehicleLocal getpos _v;\n_smoke1 attachTo [_v,[0,0,0],\"engine_effe


This is bugging me so much, my missions work but people keep getting banned for "ArmA3Config"?


Any Help?


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Some hosts don't put a scripts.txt in your battleye folder because it's too much work, or you deleted it. Also battleye does not ban it only kicks (unless they're hackers).

At the beginning of a line will be a number - for example: 7

7 = kick and log to everything

If you did have a scripts.txt you would find the line starting with

7 exec

And add

7 exec !="Exeception"

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